Nosework Skills -- Master/Elite levels

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Skills trained will be based on NACSW nosework skills challenges but being an NACSW member is not a class requirement.

Description: Masters Nosework will use all five odors dogs must learn for UKC and NACSW searches. This class will introduce distractions to the searches and hides placed higher than the Novice/Advanced/Superior levels. Your dog will be training for NACSW NW3 and Elite levels, or UKC's Master or Elite levels. Inaccessible hides may be used. Your dog will be challenged to find hides in areas that increase in difficulty from the previous classes. More blind hides will be presented, and multiple blind hides may be placed in an area. This is a six week seminar with 1 hour sessions.

Prerequisites: Dog must be able to consistently find hides that would be placed in NW1, NW2 or UKC Novice/Advanced/Superior levels. Dogs must be able to alert on all five odors used in UKC -- Birch, Anise, Clove, Myrrh and Vetiver. (Please note that Myrrh and Vetiver will not have been used prior to Masters, so you will need to train your dog on those two odors outside of class.)

Cost: $120.00 Inactive members/non-members, $90.00 Active members

Location: 4RK9's [map]

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