About Us

4RK9's Dog Training Club is the oldest agility club in Iowa. Ten dog training enthusiasts established 4RK9's Dog Training Club in 1992. The membership has grown steadily since.

4RK9's initially held fun matches, demonstrations, seminars and agility trials. In 1994, 4RK9s held two non-titling NCDA Agility Trials at the Linn County Fairgrounds with about 48 entries for each trial. In 1995 4RK9's became an approved UKC (United Kennel Club) Agility club and in 1996 added approval as a UKC Obedience club. They held their first UKC Obedience trial in August 1996 and first UKC Agility trial in September 1996. They used the Cedar Rapids Armory and Amanas RV Convention Center for their trials through 2008.

4RK9's held UKC Agility and Obedience trials annually through 2008. In 2009, 4RK9's added NADAC (North American Dog Agility Council) accreditation and began holding NADAC Agility trials, using the Quad Cities Dog Training Center. The club also added Rally to their UKC Obedience trials held at the 4RK9's training facility in Cedar Rapids in 2009.

4RK9's now holds two NADAC Agility trial weekends and two UKC Obedience/Rally trial weekend annually. The Agility trials are held at the Quad Cities Dog Training Center in Davenport and the UKC Obedience/Rally trials are held at the 4RK9's Training Center in Cedar Rapids.

4RK9's regularly holds training classes for home obedience, all levels of UKC and AKC obedience and NADAC and AKC agility at their training center at 910 Second Avenue SW, Cedar Rapids. Club meetings are held at the training center on the second Monday of each month. We also hold regular fun matches in UKC/AKC Obedience and NADAC/AKC Agility as well as annual seminars. 4RK9's continues to hold demonstrations for area organizations to promote the fun and enjoyment of owning a well trained dog.

4RK9 members enjoy participating in many different venues with their dogs such as conformation shows, agility trials, obedience/rally trials, lure coursing, fly ball, herding, tracking, free style, and therapy dog.

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since 5/20/14