COVID-19 Announcement

The 4RK9s Board has decided that classes can resume under certain circumstances. The members of the class must be able to keep an appropriate distance from each other, appropriate mediation practices must be followed, and there must be instructors that feel comfortable teaching under these circumstances. That means that the 4RK9s club will begin offering classes on a reduced or altered basis for the time being. Please check the Classes page for upcoming offerings. Other classes will resume in the future as appropriate.

Please understand that we will stop these classes if circumstances change and the state requires us to do so or if our instructors do not feel they can maintain a safe environment for all involved.

We appreciate your understanding and support throughout this process.

Welcome to 4RK9s Dog Training Club!

4RK9s Dog Training Club is located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Our philosophy of training is built around positive training through trainer enthusiasm, use of treats, toys, and lavish praise.

We offer classes in:

  • Home Obedience
  • Competition Obedience (Novice - UD)
  • Competition Agility (Novice - Excellent; Standard and Jumpers)
  • Nosework
  • Canine Good Citizen (Classes and Testing)
  • Just-for-Fun Agility

We are a UKC Club (United Kennel Club), a NADAC Club (North American Dog Agility Council), and a CPE Club (Canine Performance Events). Our agility and obedience classes are taught in UKC, NADAC, AKC (American Kennel Club) and CPE formats. We have members who have UKC, NADAC, AKC and CPE titles.

Our club operates on a volunteer basis and is not open to the general public with the exception of classes, fun matches, and seminars.

Questions?  Leave a message at (319) 366­-5668 or email us at click to send mail. We'll return the call or email as soon as possible (be patient, it might take a few days).

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Memorial Awards

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