Class Frequently Asked Questions

How soon do I need to send the registration form and money for the upcoming classes?

Our classes fill quickly. Placement is on a first registration with money basis. The sooner you send the class form with money, the higher the chance of getting into the class. Most classes are limited to 8 participants.

How do I register?

The registration forms are located on our web site on the classes offered page. You will need to print them from your computer/printer and after filling it out, attach the current rabies certificate to the form with your money and send to the address at the bottom of the registration form. Agility and obedience forms go to different addresses. Make sure you are filling the correct registration form for the class you are taking and sending it to the correct person. Remember, your payment holds your spot in the class.

What type of training methods does your club use?

We believe in purely motivational training with positive reinforcement.

Should I bring my dog to the first class?

For most classes, Yes, you should. If we have a class where instruction is given at the first class that does not need the dog, it will be stated in the Class Description.

Will I be notified when my form is received?

The class coordinators will e-mail or phone you once your registration and money are received. You will then be told if the class is still available and you are a participant, or, if the class is full. If the class is full, you have the option of being placed on a waiting list for a future class or your money returned. It is important you fill the form out neatly and include your e-mail address or phone number.

Why aren't there more classes offered and why are the classes usually in the evening?

4RK9's is ran on a club member volunteer basis. We have limited space and time available to schedule classes. At present, we offer agility classes on Tuesday evenings and obedience on Thursday evenings. Monday (obedience) and Wednesdays (agility) are open workouts which non-members may participate for a $7.00 fee. The first two Monday's of the month are closed. Occasionally, a club member will volunteer to teach a class during the day on Saturday or Sunday. We try to schedule classes to fit the needs of everyone.

I have two dogs. May I bring both to one class?

In the beginning classes, we find that it is too difficult to train more than one dog at a time. If you have two dogs, you will need to register both dogs and have another person handle the second dog. Husband and wife teams work well, or perhaps a friend may handle the dog.

May my child/spouse/friend attend class with me?

Adult observers and older children are welcomed to watch class. (This could assist with the training at home). However, children and adult observers that do attend will need to remain seated throughout the class session. They are also requested not to disturb, distract or cause confusion for the dogs, handlers or instructors. Some of the dogs in the class may not be use to having children or strangers approach them. It is extremely important to all concerned that no dog be approached, touched or fed without the permission of the owner/handler. We strongly suggest that adult and children observers be educated to acceptable behavior around strange dogs. Some suggestions are :

May my child work with/handle the dog in class?

Children are wonderful handlers and are welcomed to work with/handle their dog during a class. However, an adult responsible for the child must remain as an observer throughout the class session. We strongly suggest that the child be aware that classes usually run for seven weeks and that this is a commitment for them to practice with the dog daily and be responsible, cooperative and focused during class time.

How old should a dog be before beginning classes?

We request that dogs in the beginning Obedience classes be at least 9 weeks old. Some Obedience classes will state in the Class Prerequisites that younger dogs are allowed.

We request that dogs in the beginning Agility classes be at least 9 months old. This is for the safety and health of the dog. Agility is a strenuous sport and we do not want to cause physical stress to a dog that is still growing. Some Agility classes will state in the Class Prerequisites that younger dogs are allowed.

My dog has not had much obedience training. What does he need to know to start an agility class?

Much of the beginning agility class is taught on lead. However, it is necessary to have basic control over your dog. We expect the dogs to perform the following: stand/down/sit/stay - recall (come when called) - walk politely on lead - act appropriately around other dogs/people - be kenneled without a lot of fuss - housebroke (you will be held responsible to clean up after your dog should he not make it outside - cleaning supplies are in the building)

What are the open workouts and who can attend?

See the Open Workouts Page for more information.

I see that club members are given a discounted price for classes. Are there other benefits to becoming a member? And what is involved in becoming a member?

Club membership provides for a discount for open workouts and fun matches in addition to the discount for classes.

We have various holiday parties for fun and socialization of club members and their dogs.

Also, A year-end membership banquet with awards for the year's accomplishments.

We sincerely hope that you will consider becoming a member. Our club operates on an all volunteer foundation and will only be as effective/strong/productive/knowledgeable/aware as our membership.

To become a club member please see our Join link.