May 2021 Ukc Obedience and Rally Obedience Trial

Between the new UKC rules and the ongoing Covid situation, we are making some changes from our previous trial format.
Here's a quick look:

  1. We will be offering one obedience and one rally trial each day.
  2. We will be offering all four rally classes, and eight of the nine obedience classes (we will not be offering Elite obedience).
  3. Classes will have specific start times. In order to do that, we will not be accepting DOS entries.
  4. Crating will be outside. The entrants of each class will be allowed time to set up in the building before their class and may stay in the building during their class. We will have a system to keep everyone outside up to date on the progress of the trial.
  5. We are still undecided about the food table and raffle - these will depend on the Covid situation as we approach the trial date. It is unlikely that we will hold our usual Saturday night dinner.