Nosework Skills Level 1

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Pre-registration is required for all classes. For more information or to verify class availability, e-mail click to send mail or call 319-431-6345 and leave a message.

Description: Goals for this level are introducing additional odors, improving ability for dogs to focus on searching in outdoor environments, and preparing to enter novice competition classes.

Class will meet at different outdoor locations to be determined by the instructors. Class will be cancelled in case of inclement weather. Arrangements will be made for make-up dates. This includes the possibility of a make-up session at the building on Thursday nights in the regular nosework time slot.

One handler with one dog per level. If you want to alternate multiple dogs during your class that is permissible, but only one dog per turn.

Prerequisites: Team must have completed at least one beginning nosework class and be able to reliably find birch hides in containers, exteriors and on vehicles.

Cost: $85.00 Inactive members/non-members and $63.85 Active members

Location: 4RK9's [map]

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