Julie Burgin - Obedience, Therapy Dog

I live in Cedar Rapids with my husband, Bob and our three Golden Retrievers. I have been training and showing dogs in obedience for about 15 years. On three dogs, I have a total of nine titles. Currently, I am training and showing Drummer, my five year old Golden Retriever. He has his CD and CDX titles and we are working toward his UD and UDX titles. Bob has also trained one of the Goldens and put both AKC and UKC champion titles on her. I also do therapy work with two of our Goldens. Every week we visit nursing homes or hospitals. Recently, I have been approved to be a Therapy Dog International (TDI) evaluator.

Sue Curry - Obedience, Agility, Freestyle, Therapy Dog

I currently have two Curly Coated Retrievers, both females. Jessie is 9-1/2 years old. She has earned titles in agility and obedience: U-ACHX, U-CD, U-CDX, CGC, TDI, CD, CDX, and NA. Chance will be 8 soon and her titles are also in obedience and agility: AG-I, AG-II, U-CD, U-CDX, CGC, TDI, CD, CDX, and UD. Both the "girls" are very sweet and love people. Jessie, Chance and I are learning "Freestyle Dancing" so when  we visit the care facilities and special needs centers we will be able to entertain the audience.

Throughout the years, I have attended several obedience camps and many seminars for both agility and obedience.

Becky Gilchrist - Agility, Obedience, Flyball, Rally, Conformation, Boxer Foster Home

I became involved with dog training after my husband and I got our first puppy. He was what some would call "challenging" and we signed-up for classes to get him under control. We liked the classes and trained pet obedience for 2-1/2 years. After watching obedience at a local dog show, I decided my dog could do that and began to train for competition.

I have three boxers, Brutus, Amaya and Ninya. I train them in obedience, agility, rally obedience and we are showing Ninya in breed right now.

Brutus has earned his CD, U-CD and Rally Excellent obedience titles.  He also has his UGI and UGII titles in agility.  Amaya has her Rally Novice title and is working on her excellent titles in agility.  And, Ninya is just getting started :-)

I am also very involved with the boxer rescue. I foster for rescue and usually have an extra boxer at my home. I enjoy working with the rescues and teaching them basic obedience. It is amazing how fast they can learn and what a little training will do to help these dogs become good pets and find loving homes!"

Beth Haley - Agility, Obedience, Rally


Michele Hartzler - Agility, Obedience, Rally


Kay Lund - Obedience, AKC Obedience Judge

I have been showing dogs in Obedience since 1978 putting a total of 49 titles on various dogs, including 8 Utility Titles and 2 UDX titles. Currently, I am training my own dogs and showing. I am also a licensed AKC Judge certified through Utility and enjoy the judging aspect of this sport as well as showing and training. Being a judge allows me the opportunity of traveling many areas of the country. The classes I teach are offered through 4RK9's Dog Training Club and Iowa City Dog Obedience Club.

Sheryl McCormick - Conformation, Agility, Obedience, Herding, and Tracking

I started in dogs with an English Springer Spaniel, Jed. I was reading a book about them and the part about obedience trials sounded interesting. I thought, "My dog can do that." Well, it was a bit tougher than I anticipated, yet I managed to put a CD on him.

While training Jed, I was introduced to the world of Belgian Tervurens and have had them ever since. My first Tervuren - Foxhollows Brown Eyed Girl CGC, HIC, CD, U-AGI "Targa," introduced me to the conformation and agility world of dogs. My next Tervuren was CH Liberte's Just For Fun, "Cody."  He was my first successful conformation dog but could not live up to his potential due to some serious health issues. Next came "Sage," CH Patana's Thunderstorm CGC, HIC, HCT, CDX, OA, NAJ, U-AGI. She is a once-in-a-lifetime dog. She is a Group Winner, multi Group Placer and for four years was owner-handled to a top ten ranking for female Belgian Tervuren in conformation. Sage's half brother then arrived - "Chase", CH Patana's Up-N-At-Em CGC, AXZ, OAJ, U-AGI. He too was a Group Winner and multi Group Placer. I am currently training two more, Group Placer CH Shumaker Hill I of The Storm, "Breeze", CGC, HIC, OA, OAJ, U-AGI, and CH Patana's Zero Gravity, "Rocket", OA, OAJ, U-AGI.

I have been teaching obedience, agility and conformation classes for several of the local dog clubs for many years. I am also a member of the Cedar Rapids Kennel Association, Iowa City Dog Obedience Club, American Belgian Tervuren Club and a board member of the Great Lakes Belgian Tervuren Club.

Sue Medberry - Obedience, Rally


Sandy Miller - Obedience, Agility

I was in Keeshond rescue for many years, then began taking agility lessons with my Keeshond, Wulfie. In 2007, at the ripe old age of 10, Wulfie earned his UG-1 agility title in UKC. Now Max, AKA Imagine Maximum Bling, is my new agility dog-in-training. We enjoy learning more and more about agility and becoming a real team. In addition, Max and I go with the K-9 Ambassadors to schools and libraries to help tell kids about dogs and dog safety. We also visit senior homes once a month.

Lexi, the 13-year-old Keeshond and Piper, the 6-year-old bearded collie comprise the rest of our "dog family". Piper is content to hang around the house and play with Max and Lexi is content to sit and fuss at them for disturbing her peace.

I have learned a wealth of information from the members of this club and the wonderful people I have met at agility trials. Max and I are looking forward to taking part in agility trials for the next few years and hopefully earning some titles. It's an ongoing process and there is always something to learn. I also enjoy teaching Beginning Agility and Home Obedience I classes. I love seeing the handler and the dog become a team and the look of pride on the faces of dog AND handler!! 12/09

Lou Ann O'Malley - Agility

I have been an active member of 4Rk9's since 1995. I have held just about every office on the Board (President twice).

I teach all levels of agility. I love the sporting bred of dogs, and even though they are a challenge to run (nose gets them into trouble), I have earned titles on two Brittanys and one Llewellyn English Setter. The dogs love the attention (and treats) and exercise running the course (and treats) and car rides to shows (and treats). They think agility is a doggy playground. When they are running around the course with big grins on their face woofing "lets go faster" you know they are enjoying themselves.

I have made many friends by joining 4RK9's and going to trials. Everybody is so supportive and helpful.

As an instructor, I love seeing dogs and handler grow into a team. The dogs gain confidence as they maneuver through the courses and the owners develop a tighter bond learning how to interact with their dog. 1/10

Diana Pesek - Agility, 2009 Agility Coordinator

I have 2 dogs, Minnie the Rough Collie and Tucker the Keeshond. Minnie is a happy couch-potato dog who is now 12 years old. Minnie has a CGC certificate and is one of the most laid-back dogs I've ever had. Tucker is my performance buddy. Tucker has a UAG1 title, 3 Novice NADAC titles (jumpers, regular and tunnelers) and his CGC certificate. He's also known as CH Imagine Sherwood B Something, shown to his conformation championship when he was owned by his breeder, Carolyn Schaldecker. Tucker and I currently are working toward the other 4 novice NADAC titles with a goal of getting a Novice Versatility title. We're having lots of fun along the way, which is what it's really all about! I enjoy teaching the beginning and advanced beginning agility classes and getting others enthused about the fun sport of dog agility. 12/09

Carolyn Schaldecker - Obedience


Johnnette Ulch - Agility, Herding, Obedience

I am currently owned by four Border Collies and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I became interested in dog training when I volunteered as a foster home for a group that rescued West Highland White Terriers near Washington D.C. I noticed that many of the dogs that came through our rescue probably wouldn’t have been there if they had just been given a little training. So trying to be pro-active rather than re-active, I started working as a dog training instructor for PetsMart.

I have been a member of 4RK9’s since 2007. I have served as Treasurer and frequently serve as trial chairperson or trial secretary for our obedience and agility trials. I teach home obedience and agility classes.

I currently compete in obedience and agility with my Corgi and agility and herding with two of my Border Collies. I have been participating in competitive events since 2006. My dogs have titles in AKC, NADAC and UKC agility, AKC and AHBA herding and AKC and UKC obedience and rally obedience.

As you can see, I enjoy doing lots of different things with my dogs. I want your dog to be a true companion and family member that you can enjoy spending time with whether that is running in agility trials, enjoying walks in the park or just being a couch potato. 1/10

Helen Venneman - Agility, Rally, Freestyle

Our three Shelties are an important part of our lives. They love agility. Cirrus has earned his CGC, AG-I and  AG-II titles and Maxwell has earned his CGC and AG-I titles. Our newest little girl, Demi has her CGC and is an agility beginner.

Obedience training is an important pre-requisite for agility success. In order to be happy companions, dogs need limits, guidelines, praise and love. Obedience training helps accomplish this. Making training fun and being consistent help dogs and their owners enjoy each other.

Barb Wyatt - Agility and Fly-ball

We have five dogs that compete and play in Agility and Fly-ball. On four dogs, we have 36 titles in Fly-ball with 15 years experience. Another 15 years combined experience in Agility with 39- titles in UKC and AKC.  The most important thing you can do with your dog is have fun!

Ruben (mix) - 11 years: FG40K, AGI, AGII, CGC, AX, OAJ
Hailey (Lab) - 9 1/2 years: AGI, FD, FDX
Oliver (Australian Shepherd) - 8 years: FG40K, AGI, AGII, MX, MXJ, CGC
Trace (Australian Cattle Dog) 5 1/2 years: ONYX,  AX, AXJ, U-AGI
Rippy (Border Collie) - 5 1/2 years: FMCh, OA,AXJ

Play hard! Run clean! Have fun!